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Merino wool of national production

At Pirilana we are committed to 100% pure natural wool from our own sheep. We currently use Merino wool of national origin, the finest of all.

Pure merino wool

All our duvets and pillows are filled with pure merino wool.

The wool is born from a mixture of mountain air, grass and bushes, water from rivers, green meadows…

It is the layer of hair that protects the skin of sheep when they move through sharp bushes.

Passing through these bushes the sheep leave part of their thick coats behind.

It differs from the hair in that the latter has many more curls, up to 20 per 2.5 cm depending on the breed.

Unlike other fibres, this natural characteristic makes it very air-tight and has a thermo-regulating effect.

That’s why our pure merino wool duvets and pillows set us apart.

They carry the properties of nature within them.

Wool respects ecosystems

Wool fibre contains a natural protein called keratin, which is biodegradable and similar to that found in human hair.

When discarded, it decomposes in the soil in just a few years. It slowly releases valuable nitrogen-based nutrients into the soil and acts as a fertiliser.

From nature, to nature

Happy sheep, happy humans…

Sheep’s wool is a completely renewable fibre.

Shearing is a process similar to cutting our hair.

Our commitment to respect for animals is very important to us, which is why no animal is slaughtered or harmed to obtain the wool for our quilts.

Sheep also provide the land with a natural balance that should be preserved. Sheep adapt to the climate and vegetation of their environment, which makes their wool unique.

At Pirilana we like to keep the cycle of nature intact.


At Pirilana we are committed to 100% pure and natural wool from our own sheep. We currently use Merino wool of national origin, the finest of all.


Well-being is a friend of natural wool
Fungi, bacteria and mites like warm, moist environments. Natural wool, due to its unique structure, has a great capacity for ventilation and temperature regulation. Bacteria, mites and fungi cannot adhere. This makes it an excellent product for allergy sufferers, so that they can get a deeper rest with Pirilana.


Natural wool, the best for the cold…and warmth

This fibre consists of fine, frizzy and soft hairs. The amount of curls (about 20 per 2.5 cm) contained in the wool hairs ensures that it retains air.

This air promotes the insulating capacity of the wool.

Using wool ensures that the body retains its own temperature better. In this way, it also protects against the cold, but also against the heat.

You can see it in a house: when you insulate the walls properly, the same temperature is maintained inside: cold or heat stays outside.


Insulating, comfortable and very durable

Wool is very durable.

In fact, it can last for generations.

A fibre can be bent 20,000 times without breaking. That makes it particularly strong. It is also a renewable source of fibre. The sheep’s coat is sheared every year, after which the coat is renewed.

And if the wool is at the end of its useful life, it is easily biodegradable in a natural way. Nutrients are absorbed by the soil.


At Pirilana we are committed to local commerce.

The Iberian Peninsula has been a great producer of wool throughout its history, it was even used as a bargaining chip! While it is true that little of that remains, Pirilana is committed to preserving the legacy. As much production as we can keep close to home will be our goal: KM.0. Currently we use merina wool of national origin, we have achieved a high quality wool and OEKO-TEX certification.

If you want to know more about the exciting world of wool, we recommend these two articles on its beneficial properties:

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estructura interior de la fibra de lana y propiedades
Heat and Cold

In contrast to synthetic fibres, wool is an active fibre, it reacts to differences in body temperature. It keeps us warm when it’s cold and cools us when it’s hot. An example of this is the caravans in the desert, where the men are dressed in wool under a blazing sun.


Due to the keratin protein, it neutralises odours and harmful substances in sweat. It also quickly absorbs moisture from the body and returns it to the air.


Because wool absorbs moisture, it has the effect of preventing the build-up of static electricity.

Atopic dermatitis
Scientific studies confirm that extra fine merino wool is beneficial for atopic dermatitis by controlling excess moisture and the presence of allergens.
Dirt and water repellent
The lanolin contained in the wool prevents dust from sticking and water from penetrating easily.
Ideal for babies
Babies who sleep with wool for the first three months of their lives are less likely to suffer from asthma. It also has a relaxing effect that helps them to fall asleep.
Antibacterial and neutralises odours
Wool contains a protein called keratin, which neutralises odours and harmful substances in sweat. By absorbing and releasing moisture quickly, bacteria are less likely to grow and this also prevents unpleasant odours. Due to the antibacterial effect wool does not need to be washed too often.

Its chemical composition makes it flame-resistant, it is especially used as a coating in areas with a large number of people such as hotels, cinemas, hospitals or aeroplanes. Compared to other fibres, such as cotton which ignites at 255⁰C, such as polyester which melts between 252⁰C and 292⁰C, or such as nylon between 160⁰C and 260⁰C, wool needs to go up to almost 600⁰C and does not melt like synthetic fibres, so it does not stick to the skin.

Repels mites

The wool in the bed provides optimal ventilation. The temperature and humidity regulated by the wool, together with the lanolin, makes our bedding an unattractive place for mites to breed. As long as the duvet is regularly aired, the dust mite has little chance to thrive, making it ideal for allergy sufferers.

Cleaning and maintenance
The duvet should be aired regularly, preferably in the sun, and if not in use, stored in its bag in a dark, cool place.
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