There are different kinds of quilts on the market, most are synthetic but there are also feather and wool quilts.

Those of Feather are very used in colder areas since it is lightweight in relation to its volume.

Its biggest drawback: A study conducted by researchers at the University Hospital Vall d’Hebron in Barcelona published in The Lancet Respiratory Medicine, alerts about the fact that exposure to quilts or natural feather pillows may be related to the development of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis disease (https://www.ocu.org/vivienda-y-energia/colchones/noticias/plumas-fibrosis)

Synthetics: They are the most used and economic. There are different qualities and they are supposed to be antiallergic (since they are not a natural product)

Its biggest drawback: Most do not allow correct transpiration

Those of Wool: They are the ones that we sell in Pirilana. We can go back to the properties of the Wool to look at all the advantages.

Its biggest drawback: There are people who are allergic to lanolin.

Which quilt is right for me?

This depends on your preferences and personal situation. For instance: if you feel cold quickly, you need a different quilt from someone who sweats quickly. You can also choose between a single or double quilt.The heat requirement differs from one person to another. The quilts are divided according to the thickness (heat) of the quilt.

  • 9 cm thick. These are the warmest quilts and are especially suitable for cold bedrooms or if you are particularly sensitive to cold.
  • 6 cm thick. They are the demi-season quilts and are used by most people during spring and autumn.
  • 3 cm thick. These quilts are suitable for moderate heat in the bedroom and are perfect for moderately cold winters and cooler summers.

For what season is my quilt suitable?

There are quilts for different seasons, you can choose between a winter quilt, a summer quilt or a 4 seasons quilt

  • The 4 seasons quilt is the customers favourite. It is composed of a level 3 quilt for summer and a level 6 for mid-season. These two bedspreads can be joined together for an extra thickness in winter
  • The Summer quilt is light, perfect for areas where it cools down at night and needs something more than a sheet.
  • The springtime quilt is too hot for the summer months, but not warm enough for areas with cold winters.

How do I choose the correct size?

This choice also depends on your preferences. If you and your partner have different preferences, of course you can use our dual system. If you prefer a single quilt, the standard size for an individual quilt is 150 cm wide. Double quilts are usually supplied in 240 cm wide.

The quilt may fall slightly on the edge of the bed. We recommend that you keep an additional margin of 40 to 60 centimeters. For instance: for a 180 cm wide bed it is advisable to buy a 240 cm wide quilt. The length of the quilt varies depending on the bed, there are 200 cm and 220 cm.

If you need a special measure, you can request it at hola@pirilana.com and we will gladly assist you

Am I sensitive to cold?

This says nothing about the quilt, but about you as a person. Are you an average sleeper type, cool or warm?

The average sleeper is the one that corresponds to the majority of people. In the summer, you sleep comfortably in a cool ventilated quilt. In winter, this type often sleeps under a warm comforter. If you are from in this group of people, we can recommend a quilt for the whole year, but we also have the quilt 4 seasons quilt.

A person who likes to wear thick pajamas and thick socks is a type of person who likes to sleep under a warm quilt throughout the year. This type of person corresponds to the group of fresh or chilli. It is recommended a quilt for the whole year or a winter quilt.

A warm sleeper often feels hot. This type of person often sleeps with a light quilt /duvet or even none at all or at least looks for a cool room with cool bedding. A summer quilt is the preference for many warm sleepers.

If I suffer from allergies, is wool a good option?

Usually allergies are influenced by the house dust mite, the mite that causes symptoms in the respiratory tract. There is an allergy to Lanolin, a component of natural wool, and is very unusual.

How should a duvet be washed?

A woolen quilt can be washed in a washing machine with a large drum, with a program and detergent both specific for wool.If you do not have an equipped washing machine, we recommend dry cleaning.

Is there any other maintenance advice regarding my quilt?

It is advisable to ventilate the quilt regularly and if you are not using it, store it in its bag with a lavender sachet, in a dark and cool place.

Can I place my order by phone?

Yes, you can contact our customer service during working days between 9:00 and 19:00 at the phone number +34 609708000. In addition, you can always send an email to hola@pirilana.com

Is it possible to change the delivery address or dimensions if the order has already been processed?

In most cases, yes, but this depends on your specific request. We advise you to always contact our customer service department as soon as possible if something should be changed in your order. Depending on the status of the order, we might still be able adjust your order and/or delivery address. If the order has already been shipped, obviously we cannot vary its content and we will have to treat it as a return.

Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel an order you have not yet received at any time.After the delivery of your purchase, you have 30 days to return your order. Do you want to return a product? Send an email to hola@pirilana.com explaining the reasons and/or include pictures of any damage. Custom made products are not covered here. We recommend that you read our terms and conditions carefully for more information.

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