Welcome to our press area, where we would like to share the interviews we have been given over the years since we launched our project. We hope you enjoy the content and especially what we are most passionate about, the world of wool.




Discover the secret of recyclable, self-cleaning and comfortable duvets.

Do you need to renew your duvet? Imagine one made from natural and recyclable components, with no added chemicals, that is also antibacterial and only requires ventilation or exposure to sunlight for cleaning. In the interview we explain everything in detail.

Wool is a fibre with multiple properties, a fibre of the past, present and sustainable future, with multiple properties.

In order to publish ‘Manual de usos de la lana en España’, FADEMUR has worked with a group of experts of recognised national and international prestige in the world of wool. Our project has been chosen as an example of such sustainable uses of wool.

BioCultura is undoubtedly the leading fair in our country on responsible consumption and organic products from various sectors.

In the last edition of BioCultura Coruña; we were interviewed to explain to the numerous visitors of the fair and followers of BioCultura which are the magnificent properties of merino wool to provide a unique and restful rest.

Planeta Moda is a platform promoted by the Vida Sana Association to promote sustainable, ecological and fair fashion.

Vida sana is the organiser of the most important organic fair in Spain, BioCultura.
It is a pleasure to be part of your directory of sustainable textile brands, a commitment to quality, respect for nature and sustainability.
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