Children’s duvet

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Each bassinet or crib quilt is lovingly sewn.

Our soft baby wool quilts regulate body temperature in a way that helps little ones sleep better.

Thanks to its antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties; they take care of your health and reduce the risk of asthma.

Be surprised by its softness and lightness and the relaxing effect of wool.

With the OEKO TEX certificate, we also guarantee that these wool quilts are 100% free of toxins.

Filled with pure merino wool and padded with 100% 400TC cotton satin.

What size quilt do you need?


Filling: Made with 100% pyrenean wool of the Xisqueta sheep.

Quilt: 100% Cotton Percale


This duvet is made with sheep wool of XISQUETA race of the Pyrenees and padded with 100% natural cotton.

La asociación Obrador Xisqueta busca pagar a los pastores un precio justo para la lana y de esta manera hace posible mantener un oficio secular a la vez que ayuda a una economia social a pequeña escala en las comarcas del pirineo.

The Xisqueta Obrador association seeks to pay the shepherds a fair price for the wool and in this way makes it possible to maintain a secular trade while helping a small-scale social economy in the regions of the Pyrenees.


Because wool by nature contains lanolin, it repels mites, which are mainly responsible for allergic reactions.


The sheep produce wool continuously, it is a natural process and does not harm the animal when we shave them.



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Cot (55×85), Kids bed (100×120)



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