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Our innovative Dual System allows you to personalize the sleeping experience with merino wool, so you and your partner can enjoy the perfect level of warmth each of you needs.

There are no two people alike, each one has their personal metabolism. There are people who are more sensitive to cold and heat. Customized comfort and temperature regulation come together to create a sleep sanctuary where you can relax and recharge.

Choose the thickness and size you need.

Our duvets for couples are made with the best nationally sourced merino wool, personally selected to offer you a superior quality product. Our wools have the OEKO TEX Standard 100 certificate; guaranteeing they are toxin-free, and our 400 TC satin cottons have the prestigious GOTS certification ensuring dignified work throughout the process, cotton free of harmful substances for health, and sustainable and ecological cultivation of its fibers.

Choose the thickness you need for each duvet according to the season and the temperature of your room. We help you choose the right size for your bed in the table below.

Thermal insulation: 200gr.

The lightweight summer duvet is equivalent to a thermal insulation of approximately 2-6 Tog. It is comfortable for bedroom temperatures between 23 and 15℃. This structure is perfect for summer nights.

Thermal insulation: 200gr.

The autumn/spring Merino wool duvet has an approximate thermal insulation of 7-10 Tog. It is comfortable for room temperatures between 19 and 10 ℃. It is the perfect balance between air permeability and thermal insulation. This structure is perfect for autumn/spring nights.

Thermal insulation: 200gr.

The summer duvet and the spring/autumn duvet come together to form a winter duvet with an insulation of approx. 12 TOG. What is a temperature between 16 and 8 ℃.

The dual system has multiple combinations, so you don’t get too cold or too hot.

Relationship between the size of the bed and the size of the duvet

Model bed size duvet measure
Cradle 55 x 85 70 x 100
Cot 70 x 140 100 x 140
Kids bed 70 x 160 120 x 200
single 80/90/105 x 200 150 x 220
Double bed 120/135/150 x 200 180/200 x 220
Queen 180 x 200 220/240 x 220
King 200 x 200 240/260 x 220

110+110 x 220 cm, 120+120 x 220 cm, 130+130 x 220 cm

Thickness 1

Summer (200gr.), Midseason (400gr.), Winter (Two pieces = 200gr. + 400gr.)

Thickness 2

Summer (200gr.), Midseason (400gr.), Winter (Two pieces = 200gr. + 400gr.), I already have a dual system. I just want the previous piece.

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