Merino wool duvets

Luxury for your rest

100% merino wool duvets

Luxury for your rest

Welcome to the luxurious rest you were dreaming of


At Pirilana we have duvets, pillows and mattress protectors with the best Spanish merino wool and organic cotton, with OEKO TEX Standard 100 and GOTS certificates.

Enjoy the comfort and softness in your bedroom provided by our excellent quality and 100% natural raw materials, because for us your rest is the most important thing.

Likewise, we are committed to the environment and people’s health, that is why our merino wool and linen have the OEKO TEX Standard 100 certificate; an ecological label that guarantees that our fibers are free of substances harmful to health.


Our cottons have the prestigious GOTS certification that guarantees that they have been produced organically, sustainably and always under decent working conditions. In addition, they are also free of substances that are harmful to health.

Luxury rest for you

Softness and warmth 100% sheep wool

Pure merino wool
Baby duvets
With Oeko Tex certificate
Mattress toppers

Extra breathability and comfort


Naturally Antiallergic

Dual System Duvet


The dual system consists of a personal duvet for each on a double bed.
The two duvets are tied together by ribbons.
If one of the couple wants to be cooler, choose a thinner duvet, while the other person can sleep in the same bed with a thicker one.
If one is cold, the other does not have to be hot


Linen covers for duvets, pillows and cushions

Duvet covers

100% organic linen

Cushion covers

Handmade in our Atellier

Quilted wool path with linen

More colors

Choose your Pirilana

In Pirilana we have a duvet for every moment of the year.

Is it warm?

If you like to sleep covered despite the summer temperature.

Is it cold?

For when the cold starts but you are not shivering yet.

Is it very cold?

For when the cold is intense and you like to feel warm.

Hot and cold

For couples who need different temperatures.

Our clients testimonials

In Pirilana we have a duvet for every moment of the year.

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Pirilana, and stop counting sheep

The Wool is made from a mixture of the mountain air, the grass and shrubs of its meadows and the water of its rivers.

Wool is the layer of hair that protects the skin of sheep when they move among prickly bushes.

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