Sleeping well improves your health

How many hours should we really sleep to live well?
And what are the consequences of resting too little time?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, the recommended amount of hours of sleep depends on the age factor. The quality of your sleep (how much you rest while you sleep) determines the energy you have during the day and also affects your health. Sleeping well is very important because your body needs time to rest and all its systems to recover from the daily effort.


What factors determine the quality of sleep?

The duration
Sufficient hours of sleep according to our age.

That there are no interruptions such as apneas, noises … during sleep.

The depth
This factor ultimately determines that sleep is restful.

Let’s go by parts then.

How many hours should we sleep?

These would be the necessary hours of sleep per age group according to National Sleep Foundation:


Sleeping less than five hours a night increases the likelihood of heart problems, and less than 7 hours of sleep can also cause serious health problems, such as uncontrolled weight gain and diabetes. The dream tells us in general how healthy we are.

Sleeping longer does not mean getting better rest. You will have checked it on occasions when you have slept more than 10 hours, and still you wake up more exhausted than when you have slept 7 hours.



Too much sleep is an indicator of poor health. In other words, when we spend hours and hours in bed and still remain tired, something is wrong with our body. Although the reason can also be in a poor quality of sleep.

Continuity and depth

As you see; You can decide how many hours you sleep a day, but what is not so easy is that during that time you sleep deeply; without waking up because of the cold, heat, noise …

That is why our merino wool duvets can help you in this situation; since they are thermo-regulating and adapt to the temperature of your body. They are warm when you are cold and cool when you are hot.

What external factors prevent us from sleeping well?

Stress and modern technology are the most common causes right now.

Stress stimulates the secretion of cortisol. Excessive secretion of the stress hormone causes sleep disturbances, illness and discomfort.

The light released by technological devices such as mobile phones, tablets and computers inhibit the secretion of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the normal sleep cycle. As if this were not enough, we add the effects of coffee, alcohol, lights, noise, clocks, alarms that alter our natural sleep cycle.

We have to think that in addition to the factors that we have mentioned above, others are also important such as having a comfortable mattress, a suitable pillow, a correct room temperature, bedding made of natural fabrics that regulate the temperature … but also our thoughts and emotions that can block melatonin production.

All these factors add up although they are not definitive, since there are people who sleep very easily in any place and situation, and yet; for others getting a good night’s sleep is a challenge.



What can I do to sleep well?

We have to be constant, and for this we give you some recommendations that in general can help you:


Especially outdoors; because it helps to receive the recommended daily amount of Vitamin D (thanks to sunlight), which helps to be better and regulates the sleep-wake cycle.


Maintaining a regular sleep schedule can help reduce the amount of time it takes to achieve a long-awaited rest.

Forget the mobile 

The light that our mobiles, tablets, laptops and televisions give off alter the production of melatonin when night falls; putting our body on ‘alert’ and delaying the sleep cycle.

What do we have for dinner today?

A light dinner is assimilated in an easier way by our body so our organs are prepared to rest more quickly.

Calm and relax

Music, aromatherapy, meditation … discover what relaxes you and prepares your room for sleep. Wool is a fiber that helps relax babies so they sleep more.

We spend up to a third of our lives sleeping, which is why it is essential for our health that we dedicate the necessary time to it.

Download your guide to tips for a good night’s sleep here.

Your rest is our priority, if you want to know our products designed to offer a deep and restful sleep visit our website.

Happy rest!


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